Ultra Payroll gives you access to affordable, flexible, easy-to-use 401(k) plans tailored for small businesses.

We offer an “integrated” 401(k) solution, for the ultimate convenience.

What does this mean?
An integrated solution means that the information from your payroll is linked up to your 401(k) plan, creating a seamless, efficient process and less work for you! But remember, payroll and 401(k) are specialized services. Too many providers dabble in one or the other, resulting in poor service or worse, errors.

Ultra Payroll partners with The Online 401(k),to offer you the best of both worlds. We specialize in processing payroll, and The Online 401(k) specializes in managing 401(k) plans – nothing else.

What does our 401(k) offer?
The Online 401(k) is an all-inclusive 401(k) plan built specifically for small businesses. That means they handle all aspects of your plan so you and your employees have a single point of contact for all of your 401(k) plan needs.

Here is a list of all features and services included the our monthly fees:

Plan setup. With The Online 401(k), you select your plan features through a very streamlined process. Instead of sitting through stacks of paperwork, employers click on plan features displayed online, while guided by a plan specialist over the phone.

Investments. Being an independent provider, The Online 401(k) has an unlimited choice of mutual funds and there is an option to add a discount brokerage account for those employers looking for added flexibility.

Payroll and census management. Since The Online 401(k) and Ultra Payroll are integrated, there’s no need to enter your payroll or census. The information is accessible for your records but no extra work is needed from you. Employers have access to a Web payroll and census interface which contains all of their employees’ information for reference.

Enrollment process. The Online 401(k) has designed an online enrollment meeting that employees can follow at their convenience and at their own pace. It is packed with useful investment and 401(k) education and payroll calculators. Employees who wish to enroll simply click “yes” and download their enrollment form online.

Access to daily valuation 401(k) accounts. Employees get password-protected access to their 401(k) account. The following tasks can be performed: select funds and change funds, rebalance account,model and apply for a 401(k) loan, generate account statements, pull up transaction history, download forms and more — tasks which can be time-consuming if they have to be performed in a paper and phone-based environment.

Investment education. This is a very important aspect of any 401(k) and one that becomes more effective with a Web-based 401(k) plan. Instead of generic investment education booklets, employees have access to a library of investment education and interactive calculators and questionnaires — all in one Web site.

Contact Ultra Payroll Services today to discuss the benefits of having a 401(k) plan integrated with your payroll service.